Saturday, October 28, 2006

Revel CA

If you live in Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, or Rancho Cordova, you've seen the signs: Smallish, neon, always in the same handwriting and proclaiming the same unexplained message: Repent CA. One of the signs is constantly torn up in the grass near Hwy 50 and Bradshaw. One blogger termed this "evandalism." Sometimes you can even see a man holding the sign on various traffic- heavy corners of the Sacramento area.

I've always been curious. What does it mean, exactly? I finally googled the phenomenon today to discover evagelical, anti-abortionist, anti-gay marriage movement based out of Philadelphia. Near as I can tell, people who donate to this kind of thing end up paying for the jail fines of the founder, more often than not. He's a protester at heart and revels in the conflict between "lawless sinners" (people who disagree with him--sometimes known as cops) and the "righteous."

I'm not a fan of any anti-homosexual propaganda, and this movement's founder in particular seems fairly evangelical, which also rubs me the wrong way. Most evangelics ARE "Evandalists"--so willing to spread their message and so disrespectful of other people's opinions that they will deface public buildings to support their message. These types consider Hell the ultimate threat, but true Christians are not in the religion to avoid eternal punishment. They love God for better reasons.

Human rights are a big thing for me. I choose to support homosexuality rather than discriminate against it. If that makes me a sinner, so be it. God himself couldn't make me change my mind. So instead of repenting... Let's Revel CA!

I don't know if I want to make up my own neon signs... As a joke, it's fine (actually, important) to use the same tactics Mr. Hellfire uses; personally, I dislike them. But neon signs are fairly harmless. And it's just... funny to put up a counter-sign. Much better, in fact, than tearing down the original offending sign.

Come on, California. Revel with me!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Blogs as investigative news tools, PR mouthpieces, and freedom fighters

I know Rep. Mark Foley is old news by now. I thought I knew everything about it until I saw Poynter's article reflecting on the investigative story. Did you know ABC broke the news on Brian Ross's Blog? According to an interview with Brian Ross, ABC got the story by calling for sources on their Web site. More than one former page came forward with IM chatlogs hours after the appeal was posted. When ABC confronted the Rep? He didn't even squirm. He resigned a few hours later.

Though I think he made the right choice, I am a little disapointed he chose not to fight the legality of these charges. I have no idea how something like this could be proved in court. They'd have to ascertain that 1) Foley's screen-name of "maf54" was indeed representative of Foley's virtual self and 2) that no one else had access to the Rep.'s screen name... Right? I mean... these chat logs are three years old, some of them. Chat logs are easy enough to fake and the Net is anonymous. I guess I just worry that flimsy virtual evidence can be used in court. In this case, I'm not doubting his guilt, and I'm glad I don't have to. But computer crimes are still pretty new in court. What presedence has been set?

Another interesting Blog tidbit: Sac State has a blog "for students" that has turned out to be just a PR mouthpiece about "why I chose Sac State." Can I trust a student blogger who has agreed to ty to make Sac State look good? No! It's another example of an industry trying to be hip and they really do it all wrong. Grr! Arg! It makes me want to rebel and proclaim to the world how much Sac State does wrong.

In further blog news, Gutterblog from China has begun to blog again. She's a "reporter without borders" and she's the voice of freedom in that often-censored part of the world; check her out sometime!